Thursday, May 31, 2012

Georgian agriculture ministry launches computer game "Winemaker"

31.05.21012 (Hvino News) "Megvine" (meaning winemaker in Georgian language) is the name of a new computer game, developed by... Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. Conceived to serve as an innovative promotional tool, the game - actually a Facebook application - was presented at the Art Museum in Tbilisi on May 21. Zaza Gorozia, Minister of Agriculture, attended the event.

According to the statement issued by the ministry, "the goal of the Winemaker Game is to promote wine-making and unique vine varieties of Georgia. The new game allows to buy land, plant a virtual vineyard, reap a harvest and make wine. Winemaker Game allows to trade wine at local market or to export abroad". The players can also invite business partners to join in. According to developers, "Megvine" is a competition: during three months, the players will have to go through three stages, and winner of each stage will be awarded with a special prize.

The game can be found at this this link, but unfortunately it seems to be for Georgian-speakers only. That's a pity, because the interface looks attractive and well-designed. Obviously, a lot of resources and time have been invested into project, while cost of translation usually is just a small fraction of programming and design costs. Adding several language options would have greatly broadened the game's reach. It's meant for promotion, after all, not for limitation... That's what the minister said!

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