Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hvino to launch Georgian wine catalogue with independent rating

31.12.2013 (Hvino News). Hvino.com in 2014 will launch the first online catalogue of Georgian wines. According to Alexander Kaffka, the head of Hvino.com, the Georgia's online portal will work to add a much-needed wine catalogue to its services.

“We receive signals from international consumers, who say they need help in picking the wines from the shelf, while shop assistants cannot provide this help in many cases. This is why Hvino will launch our own online catalogue, which will provide independent expert rating, and easy-to-read information on many Georgian wines”.

Hvino has been working on its own multi-source rating system for some time. Hvino’s original rating formula takes several international ratings into a singe account, as well as medals and other awards won at international wine contests. This multi-source rating formula will ensure neutrality, which will make it easy for consumers to select the wine.

“2013 was a very successful year for us: in cooperation with National Wine Agency of Georgia we launched our Russian-language version, Hvino Novosti, and supported the Georgian delegation at ProWein in Dusseldorf. Hvino News became the first Georgian media listed as the official partner of this Europe’s leading wine business event. We have also started DrinkGeorgian.com, and the popularity of our websites has been constantly growing [see graph - HN], reaching almost 150 countries of the world”.

“We have also continued to work towards launching a luxury printed magazine, to help in global marketing of Georgian wines,” – said Hvino’s director. “The project of wine magazine was discussed with Deputy Economics Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, and Foreign Ministry, and found support in these state structures”.

The most recent highlight of Hvino’s development was Hvino’s joining the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) of Georgia in December 2013.

“We wish our readers and partners a very happy and prosperous New Year!” – added Hvino's director.

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