Saturday, October 12, 2013

Vintage 2013: Companies talk about better management and less state pressure

12.10.2013 (Hvino News). "Such a well-organized vintage has not  been carried out  in the previous years", director of Telavi Wine Cellar Zurab  Ramazashvili commented. He says that  in the framework of Vintage 2013 an unprecedented fact was observed when the state  did not involve in the acquisition process of the grapes and wine companies purchased grapes in equal conditions.

According to Ramazashvili,  this year the state-owned  companies Gruzvinprom and Akura received grapes after the satisfaction the needs of privately owned companies, while  in previous years these companies were competitors of  the private sector.

"I do not remember such a well-organized vintage. Ministry of agriculture calculated every detail this year and wine companies were in equal conditions," – says Ramazashvili. He added  that this year Telavi Wine Cellar bought 600 tons of grapes.

Ramazashvili noted also another advantage of this year's harvest. He says that if earlier the government announced about the opening of the vintage ahead of schedule and the companies had to buy substandard grapes, this year the companies do not face such problems.

A winegrower Giorgi Japaridze assesses the current harvest unprecedented  and claims  that  last year manufacturers were forced to take more grapes than needed. In his words, if the trend continues in future and the Ministry of Agriculture carries out a vintage in such a way, wine business will face less problems.

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