Saturday, October 5, 2013

A new Georgian investment: The new plant of Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking opened in Patardzeuli

05.10.2013. On September 28th in the village of Patardzeuli village a brand new winery of  Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking (KTW) was opened. To the opening ceremony of the plant came many guests, among whom were ministers, members of parliament, winemakers, company partners from different countries, representatives of the diplomatic corps.

Mr. Zurab Chkhaidze, CEO of KTW, said: “When the discussion began about returning of Georgian wine  back to the Russian market, we have taken the urgent decision to build a new, modern plant in order to increase our industrial capacity.

Our "Old Kakheti" brandy already holds the leading position in Ukraine spirits market, and with it we have ambitions to be well represented also in the Russian market. In result, we have invested into winery construction on our own territory near the Patardzeuli village, near the town of Sagaredjo. The result is here for all to see.

All the equipment among which are the bottling line, filtration system, modern tanks with thermal control unit, six refrigeration units and other has been delivered from the famous company Della Toffola, which produces high quality winemaking equipment, so now we can say that for today we have the most modern equipment and it will give us an opportunity to increase the number of products up to 12 million units. It means that we can easily increase the volume of exported products to existing markets, such as Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and others, where we already firmly hold leader positions. I think that this business decision has been made at the right time.

My best congratulations for this victory to all employees of KTW, who have invested their efforts and knowledge. As well I would like to thank the builders.  I believe that this new object of our company will help the whole industry of winemaking. This is a fully Georgian investment and I can be happy, that it is now possible to build factories and develop business in my country. Previously, just a year ago, we had doubts and we even wanted to redirect our capital abroad. I think we were right to make such decision and I would like to notice, that it is our second facility for this year. The first object we opened in Mtskheta was Georgian Chamber of Wine (see here for more detail) to praise, so to say, the Georgian wine traditions."

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