Saturday, May 4, 2013

Georgia to host International Wine Tourism Conference in 2014

by Baia Dzagnidze

04.05.2013. After acting as the premium sponsor for the 5th conference held in Zagreb, Croatia last  March [click here for details] , it has been announced that Georgia will be the host of the 6th annual International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) being held next year from March 28-29.

Organized by Wine Pleasures, IWINETC is the most meaningful international wine tourism event of the year, which includes talk programs, professional speakers from around the world, journalists, bloggers, photographers and tour operators. The conference aims to commercialize wine tourism products thanks to a one-day wine tourism workshop.

During the conference at Zagreb, Georgia held a special presentation to show the trends and developments of the wine sector in the country, in addition to showing that Georgia has the appropriate infrastructure needed for wine tourism. It was noted that in recent years Georgia has made serious improvement in the growth of this type of tourism.

According to the Georgian National Tourism Agency (GNTA), the country participated in IWINETC in Zagreb with the goal to become the host country, as it will raise the awareness of Georgia as a wine country, attract more tourists and develop the country’s wine tourism sector.

The conference in Georgia is being organized by the GNTA and the Georgian National Wine Agency, while the main coordinator is still Wine Pleasures S.L. It is expected that the event will draw 250-300 participants from 30 countries.

During the two-day conference, the participants will be able to meet with local entrepreneurs, wine producers and professionals, taste Georgian wine and the national cuisine. Various tour operators will have the opportunity to obtain information on various wine tourism destinations.

“One of the priorities of the GNTA is the growth of the tourism product, and since wine has great potential for tourism development, being a host of such an event is very important for the country,” noted Tamar Jakonia, a GNTA representative.

Within the framework of developing new tourism products, the GNTA initiated projects to improve wine tourism throughout the country. During the first stage of the project, the potential of wine tourism was explored and wine factories and wineries were identified and inventoried. Based on this, Georgia’s first Wine Route was developed.

In addition, special signage guiding tourists towards wine tourism venues were put on highways, making it easier for a visitor to find the appropriate place.


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