Saturday, February 1, 2014

ICC Georgia Discount Card

01.02.2014. ICC-Georgia is delighted to announce that by the end of January it will be launching its new initiative - ICC Georgia Discount Card that offers to its members and members’ staff exclusive cut-price deals.

ICC Georgia is supporting again its members by establishing the most inclusive and diverse M2M discount project ever offered in Georgia by any business organization. The cardholder is eligible to receive 15 different discounts from various businesses [including Hvino.com - HN]. For detailed list, please click here. The discount list of participants will be constantly upgraded and increased throughout the year.

The aim of the program is to increase customer loyalty, company visibility and revenues for discount participants; while for the cardholders it gives an opportunity to get discounts on various services and products offered by participating members. More than five thousand cards will be distributed by end of January to ICC Georgia members and to their staff as well as to ICC Georgia Youth members. The number of eligible card recipients will be in constant increase with the participation of more ICC members into the program.

On behalf of ICC Georgia team we thank our members for participating in this project and for their tremendous support and dedication.

Start saving money with your ICC-Georgia discount card!

*Only ICC-Georgia’s members are eligible to participate in this program.
For more information about ICC Georgia and its discount project please visit www.icc.ge or contact ieva.jurgalane@icc.ge

Source: ICC's Rress Release

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