Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sales of Georgian wine in Ukraine decreased

21.02.2014. The wine companies surveyed by Georgian Commersant FM radio station are talking about the decline of sales in Ukraine in light of developments in this country.

Badagoni's director Gia Shengelia says that the processes taking place in Ukraine have not yet been reflected in trade relations between Georgia and Ukraine but notes that 90% of restaurants and supermarkets stopped work, causing a significant decline in sales.

Shengelia adds that if wine supply to Ukraine faces problems, it will reduce the company's sales, but so far the trade partner of  Badagoni in Ukraine implements wine import according to the schedule. A share of the company's exports in Ukraine achieved 15-25% of the total export.

Telavi Wine Cellar also confirms the decrease in wine sales in Ukraine. According to Zurab Ramazashvili, chairman of the company’s supervisory board, their partner company in Ukraine informs about the sales decline. But problems with the supply of wine have not been created yet. Ramazashvili adds that Ukraine is one of the largest trading partners where 20-25% of the total export are sold.

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