Sunday, April 29, 2012

Georgian FM: Removal of the embargo on Georgian products is in Russia's interests

23.04.2012. Russia is in interest in removing of the embargo on Georgian products more than Georgia. This was stated today at a press briefing by the Deputy Georgian Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze, commenting the upcoming release of the Georgian lemonade "Zedazeni" on the Russian market.

"Russian authorities have long wanted to involve Georgian producers to the Russian market. Decision to impose an embargo, which was designed (by the Russian authorities) to impose a political and economic pressure on Georgia was initially ineffectual. They could not harm us from both political and economic point of view", Kalandadze said according to the edition.

Ban on import of Georgian wine and mineral water "Borjomi" to Russia was introduced in the spring of 2006 after the sharpening of Georgian-Russian relations. The official reason for the ban has been called the poor quality of Georgian products. Since then, Georgian wine and mineral water manufacturers are repeatedly trying to return to the issue of the resumption of supplies, but have not found political support of the leadership of the country in this matter.

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