Sunday, May 13, 2018

Tbilisi hosted Second International Qvevri Wine Competition

12.05.2018 (Hvino News). The 2nd International Qvevri Wine Competition was held in Tbilisi on May 3-6. It was organized by the Georgian Wine Association with support of National Wine Agency.

The jury was chaired by Giorgi Dakishvili. Besides the Georgian experts it included Lisa Granik, Master of Wine (USA), and Philippe Lespy (France).

"This is the second International Qvevri Competition, and it was wonderful to see how the wine quality has improved. We can clearly see how dedicated Georgian winemakers are to make their wine coincide with international standards and ensure that they are listed among the world’s best wines," - said Lisa Granik.

The award ceremony of the winners will be held in about a month's time, according to the organizers.

The first International Qvevri Wine Competition was held in September 2017 during the 4th International Qvevri Wine Symposium in Georgia. For more detail, see: Winners of First International Competition of Qvevri Wine revealed

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Exhibition "Georgia - The Cradle of Wine" is planned in Japan

10.05.2018 (Hvino News). During the working visit in Japan, advisor to the chair of the National Wine Agency Davit Tkemaladze and director of the Georgian Wine Association Tina Kezeli met with the representatives of the famous exposition space Terrada Warehouse and Sony Music Communications company.

At the meeting the parties discussed the possibility of organizing Georgian exposition "Georgia – The Cradle of Wine" in Japan. The same exhibition was held in “Cite des Civilisations Du Vin”, Bordeaux, France for 3 months in 2017, where tens of thousands of visitors were able to see Georgian exposition.

Members of the Georgian delegation introduced the detailed concept of the exhibition "Georgia – The Cradle of Wine" to the deputy director of the Terrada Warehouse Riota Kikuchi, the representative of Sony Music Communications Shimeon Sato and the president of the Wine Import Consultation Company Vataru Ivamoto. The meeting touched upon the adaptation of expositions to the exhibition space, as well as financial and technical support.

Georgian wine tasting in Fukuoka

10.05.2018 (Hvino News). Georgian wine tasting was held in Fukuoka, Japan. The event was organized by Kenichi Ohashi MW, head of Red Bridge marketing company, which is National Wine Agency's contractor). Tasting of Georgian wine was led by Hiroshi Ishida, Japan's top sommelier.

The tasting seminar was attended by up to 100 professional of wine: sommeliers, wine importers, representatives of hotels and restaurants.

The guests were able to taste wines of the following companies: Chateau Mukhrani (Rkatsiteli Superieur), Shalauri Wine Cellar (Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane), Shumi (Iberiuli - Mtsvane, Mukuzani), Giuaani (Saperavi Barrel) and Orgo (Saperavi).

Some of the guests of the presentation expressed their readiness to include Georgian wine in their restaurants menus.

Japan is one of the strategic markets of Georgian wine, where, according to the data of four months of the current year, over 73 thousand bottles of wine have been exported, which is 139% higher than the similar data of the last year.

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Brazil produces postal stamp with a Georgian qvevri

10.05.2018 (Hvino News). This year marks the 100th anniversary of the declaration of Democratic Republic of Georgia.

To mark this event, the post  of Brazil issued a commemorative postage stamp "Georgia-cradle of wine," depicting image of Georgian qvevri from National Museum of Georgia. The stamp reads "Georgia is the cradle of wine” in Portuguese language.

The Georgian Embassy in Brazil helped to coordinate production of this stamp in Brazil.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Official: 4 months data of wine export in 2018

04.05.2018 (Hvino News). According to official information, in January – April 2018, 25 million bottles of wine have been exported to 43 countries worldwide, that is 36% higher than last year. Totally, 59,2 million USD worth of wine have been exported, that is 43% higher than the data of the previous year.

Export growth is remarkable in European, USA, Asian and traditional markets: Japan - 139% (73122), Czech Republic - 90%(21288 ), UK - 89% (40740), Kazakhstan - 84% (1108938), Netherlands - 83% (29793), South Korea - 76% (31380), Belarus - 75% (321258), Germany - 66% (241540), Lithuania - 51% (172020), Russia - 47% (16246021), Latvia - 32% (526380), Ukraine – 27% (2389280), Poland - 24% (1012774), Estonia – 19% (1858926), USA - 4% (105568).

Top five importers are: Russia  (16246021), Ukraine (2389280), China (1802792), Kazakhstan (1108938), Poland (1012774).

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Georgia Capital acquires control over Kindzmarauli Marani

03.05.2018 (Hvino News) On May 3 BGEO Group announced that its investment arm Georgia Capital has acquired a 60% indirect controlling interest in Kindzmarauli Marani LLC for $7.25 million.

"Kindzmarauli is a producer of exquisite Georgian wines and spirits, which owns 350 hectares of vineyards in Georgia’s Kakheti region. Georgia Capital will consolidate the results of Kindzmarauli’s operations from the acquisition date, and expects that the acquisition will complement and strengthen its existing beverage business with an increased presence in the growing domestic and international markets for Georgian wine", reads the official press release.

Irakli Gilauri, BGEO CEO commented: “I am delighted to announce that our beverage business has made a
major step towards its wine business development strategy to reach a vineyard base of 1,000 hectares over
the next three years. With this acquisition, we have now reached 436 hectares of vineyards to support our
wine production, which has been supported by significant growth opportunities on international markets
provided by Georgia’s various free trade agreements, including those with China and the European Union.”

American ‘Food&Wine’ magazine to cover Georgian wine

03.05.2018 (Hvino News). The executive wine editor of  Food&Wine magazine Ray Isle and the photographers were visiting Georgia for a week. The leading  US magazine is planning to feature article on Georgian wine culture in October issue.

Last September Ray Isle published article "3 Georgian Wines to Try Now", in which he wrote: "Tucked between Turkey and Russia on the coast of the Black Sea, the small country makes some fascinating wines... where the wines range from bright and crisp 
to downright exotic". He chose 2014 Vinoterra Mtsvane, 2016 Pheasant's Tears Saperavi, and 2014 Orgo Rkatsiteli for his first review.

During the recent tour organised by  National Wine Agency, Ray Isle and the creative team of Food&Wine  magazine visited wine cellars in Georgia’s Kartli and Kakheti regions.

"I have been writing about wine for a long time and it has been a lot of interest in Georgian wine in the past 4-5 years in the US, particularly in the sommelier restaurant community. I have tasted them, but I have never been to the wineries, never been to the country, never met the winemakers before, never been in the vineyards and that's always very important. I hope that people will become aware of Georgian wine and Georgian cuisine and realize how wonderful it is”, - said Ray Isle.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wine Explorers: "Let's discover the wine world!" The wine truck is in Georgia

02.05.2018 (Hvino News) In January 2014 Jean Baptiste Ancelot decided to quit his job in a big wine company in France and embark on a crazy adventure to travel the whole planet of wine, to discover new terroirs, to bring to light emerging countries, to meet atypical winegrowers and taste extraordinary wines.

With his camper van he has traveled 69 countries and on 18th of April Wine Explorer’s van camped on 70th country – Georgia. Two Frenchmen Jean-Batiste and a very talented photographer Brice Garcin started their 14-day journey in Georgia discovering unique terroirs and grape varieties of Imereti and Samegrelo regions. They filmed qvevri making process in village Tkemlovana, Chiatura district and finished the adventure in Kakheti – Georgia's wine "kingdom". Wine explorers' spotlight in Georgia was to discover qvevri-making process, and making wine in qvevri according to Georgian  traditional methods.

Georgian wine is still little-known in Europe

02.05.2018. Georgia believed that an agreement on free trade with the European Union would be a great incentive for the growth of Georgian wine exports to Europe and the country will overcome dependence on the Russian market forever.

However, in reality everything turned out to be quite differently - according to the Caucasus Research Resource Center, 63% of Georgian winemakers say the new terms of export to the EU didn’t affect their business.

Winemaking experts say the problem is that Georgian wine isn’t well known in Europe and to compete with large and eminent countries is a very difficult task for Georgia.

At the same time, many winemakers still hope that measures to popularize the country and wine will bring results.

In developed countries the recognition of the product and the proper information are of primary importance. Experts advise winemakers to take care of the quality of their products, and only then about the quantity.

Georgia has not yet managed to use the export opportunities to the European Union and Georgian products - primarily wine - still continue to follow well-studied and well-trodden path to the former Soviet republics where low prices are more important than high quality.

Winemaking experts and marketers believe that Georgian wine cannot yet compete with other inexpensive wines exported to Europe, and should seek its niche in the middle and expensive segment.


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Friday, April 27, 2018

"The Drinks Business": Georgian wine film to premiere in the UK

by Rupert Millar

27.04.2018. ‘Our Blood is Wine’ a documentary about the history and traditions of Georgian wine is receive its UK premiere during a festival next month amid a host of Georgian food and drink themed events.

The film will be screened during the 5th Georgian Film Festival – "Georgia 100: A Film Feast" – which is taking place from 1-8 May at the Regent Street Cinema.

As part of the festival a number of Georgian food and drink-related events will be taking place with evenings hosted by the likes of writer Carla Capalbo and winemaker John Wurdeman.

Central to the celebrations will be three ‘supras’ or traditional Georgian feasts comprised of 11 dishes including aubergines in walnut paste, khachapuri, traditional warm, cheese-filled bread, khinkali (traditional Georgian dumplings) chakepuli (lamb and green plum stew and adjapsandal (a kind of ratatouille with Georgian herbs) as well as wine, singing and dancing.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Georgian wines get more visibility in Scandinavia

26.04.2018 (Hvino News). This week Georgian wines have been actively promoted in the Scandinavian region, at trade fairs in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

From April 24 to 27, Vinordic 2018 - one of the largest international wine ans spirits exhibitions in Northern Europe  is taking place in Stockholm, Sweden. This year, the following companies from Georgia are presented their products in Stockholm:

  • CAP Georgia/Bruale
  • Besini Winery
  • Chigogidze Wines
  • Geowine LLC
  • KTW
  • MK Winery
  • Tchotiashvili Vineyards/Vartsikhe Marani
  • Tsinandali Estate
  • Vaziani Winery

Vinordic is held every two years, in conjunction with another thematically close fair: GastroNord, exhibition of food, wine and hospitality industry. The exhibition is held in the Stockholmsmässan exhibition center.

The Copenhagen Wine Fair took place on April 23  in historic location “Brøndsalen” in the Frederiksberg area of Copenhagen. Georgia war represented in the fair for the first time by the following companies: Vaziani Winery, CAP Georgia/Bruale, Mosmieri, Tsinandali Estate.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

"Wine Flag" installation offers promotion to art-loving winemakers

24.04.2018 (Hvino News) The “Wine Flag” is an art installation intended for Tbilisi Art Fair in May 2018. Georgian flag will be assembled with real bottles of red and white wine, symbolizing the importance of wine tradition in the unique culture of Georgia.

The “Wine Flag” is a new conceptual artwork by Alexander Kaffka, publisher of Hvino News, who is author of several contemporary art projects. His personal exhibition was held at National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow in 2006.

The provider of wine for the “Wine Flag” is not yet decided.  Interested wine producers are welcome to contact the organizers by e-mail or phone 568 93-21-55. The winning company will gain unique brand visibility and promotion through the Tbilisi Art Fair and the mass medias. The bottles of wine must be of same size, and have white and red labels. After the show the wine will be returned to the wine producer.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Winery Khareba opens first brand store in Italy

23.04.2018 (Hvino News) On April 19, the first in EU Georgian wine brand shop by Winery Khareba was opened in Bari, Italy.

Winery Khareba store in Bari is located 100 meters away from Saint Nicholas church, in touristic center, where full range of company's products are represented. Address: via Strada del Carmine 40, Bari.

As the company reported,  the opening ceremony was attended by Bari municipality representatives, diplomats, and Georgian delegation. During the event, company representatives officially introduced Italian wine shop concept and future strategic plans to the audience. Guests were given opportunity to taste several types of Winery Khareba wines.

"Our shop in Bari is the first store opened in Western Europe, and company aims to establish its positions on European market by opening more shops in other locations of Europe,”- said Giorgi Ezugbaia of Winery Khareba. The first Winery Khareba store was opened in Georgia in 2010. Nowadays, the brand
owns 8 shops, which are located all around Georgia

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Georgian wines at ProWine Asia 2018 in Singapore

23.04.2018 (Hvino News). International exhibition of wine and spirits ProWine Asia 2018 will be held from April 24 to 27 in Singapore.

This year the following Georgian companies will present their products:

Askaneli Brothers
Dugladze Wine Company
Kindzmarauli LTD

Being an international branch of Düsseldorf's ProWein, the fair should help position international companies in the fast-growing wine market in Southeast Asia. ProWine Asia (Singapore) 2018, jointly organised by UBM SES and Messe Düsseldorf Asia,  is focused exclusively on trade visitors from retail, wholesale and foreign trade, gastronomy, hotel and manufacturing industries. I will feature a wide representation of international wine and spirit labels, an extensive scope of solutions and concepts for the region’s diverse consumer markets, as well as specialized masterclasses and seminars by industry speakers.

For 20 years the leading international fair of wines and spirits ProWein was a successful event in Düsseldorf. In 2013, this event was successfully held in China (Shanghai ProWine). For the first time in 2016, the ProWine Asia Singapore exhibition was held as part of the opening of the 20th Food & Hotel Asia, after which it was decided that in the future the ProWine fair will be held in Singapore in parallel with Food & HotelAsia (FHA) every two years.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Georgian rosé by Tsinandali Estate wins silver at International Rosé Championship

20.04.2018. Tsinandali Estate Saperavi Rosé 2016 has been awarded with silver medal at IRC -  International Rosé Championship 2018 which was held in Dwor Sierakow, Poland on Apr 12-14.

IRC is an yearly event specifically dedicated to judging rose wines from all over the world, the international jury is headed by Elizabeth Gabay MW. Tsinandali Estate Saperavi Rosé is the first Georgian wine to be decorated with this prestigious award.

Tsinandali Estate is the cradle of classical winemaking of Georgia, the place where Georgian wine was first bottled. Saperavi of 1841 and other 19th  century historical vintages are still preserved at Princely Oenotheque. In the collection starting from 1814, one can find Tsinandali, Saperavi, Chateau Lafitte, Chateau d’Yquem and other legends of the period.

Company news

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OIV to consider inclusion of Georgian "amber wines" in list of special wines at autumn's session

20.04.2018 (Hvino News). In May 2017  the International Organization for Vine and Wine (OIV) approved Georgia's proposal to include Georgian traditional "amber wine"  in the OIV's list of special wines. Now, according to Georgia's National Wine Agency, the issue of including wine made by Georgian traditional methods in OIV's list of special wines has "moved to the next stage of discussion" and at the autumn's session of  OIV General Assembly, the Executive Committee will discuss the issue.

Georgian amber (so-called "qarvisperi") wine is made by Georgian traditional method with fermentation using grape pulp ("chacha"). After completion of due procedures, Georgian amber wines will be the 8th one in the OIV list.

NWA reports that Giorgi Samanishvili, head of NWA, recently made a presentation about  wine made by Georgian traditional methods at OIV headquarters in Paris.

Currently, OIV special wine list includes 7 wines: sparkling wines, carbonated wines, fortified wines, liqueur wines, naturally sweet wines,  “Icewine”, sherry.

This decision will be another important event to promote popularization and awareness of Georgian traditional wines all over the world.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

3 Georgian companies take part in Vinitaly exhibition in Italy

16.04.2018 (Hvino News) Only two Georgian wine producers  - Vazi+ and Winery Khareba - and a qvevri equipment producer Kvevri.org (Xeloba Qartuli) are taking part in international wine and spirits exhibition Vinitaly  2018 in Verona.

In previous years Georgian participation in Vitaly was more significant - for instance, in 2014 in reached 12 wine companies (see 12 Georgian wine companies take part in exhibition in Italy)

This year the historic city of Verona welcomes the 52nd edition of one of the largest wine and spirits exhibitions in the world from 15 to 18 April. Last year saw 4,300 exhibitors from 30 countries attracting a 128 thousand visitors from 141 countries. This year looks set to be equally internationally appealing.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Zenaari jeweler is official award provider for Saperavi World Prize

15.04.2018 (Hvino News). Last winter our publishing house Hvino News organized the first Saperavi World Prize (SapPrize), Georgia’s international wine contest for Saperavi producers around the world (read more here). Instead of traditional medals, to stress the Georgian dimension of this wine contest, SapPrize awarded original prizes inspired by ancient Georgian drinking cup usually made of silver and gold – so-called azarpesha. Three miniature azarpeshas, made of the same precious metals, became the Grand Prizes of Saperavi World Prize contest. These absolutely unique were hand-made by Zenaari company, which became the official provider of SapPrize awards.

Today our special guest is Zenaari’s director Tengiz Lominadze, who tells about his brand:

"Zenaari is project, which helps Georgian artists to display best of their arts and crafts to global public. Our fundamental goal is to bring Georgian culture of handmade crafts to people who appreciate fine art.  At this moment, we’ve gathered collection of handmade enamel arts that are characteristic to Georgian folklore and national character. Artworks and practical jewelry that are absolutely unique and cannot be found anywhere else. We create items with old traditional methods using smallest number of tools possible to achieve brilliant quality,  to create bond between artists and people introduced to creations"

Hvino News: What does your brand name mean?

Friday, April 13, 2018

Obituary of Soliko Tsaishvili published in British press

13.04.2018 (Hvino News). Britain's wine magazine Harpers paid tribute to Georgian winemaker Soliko Tsaishvili, who recently passed away at his 57th year. "It's sad to report the passing of Georgian winemaker, Soliko Tsaishvili. He had been diagnosed in the early stages of pancreatic cancer in 2016 and while receiving treatment since, friends reported that he succumbed to the illness on April 10th", - reads the obituary entitled "Ancient Georgian winemaking loses one of its modern founders", which was published today.

"Soliko was primarily responsible for reinvigorating kvevri winemaking in a country where the process has been used for at least 8,000 years yet was largely forgotten", - notes author Miquel Hudin.

When he started his own wine production in 1980-s, Soliko continued working in academia as a philologist as well as the editor of a literary journal. "Three of his friends had joined in at that point and then an Italian by the name of Luca Gargano visited and tasted the wines in 2005. He decided to buy the entire stock to sell in Italy as well as eventually join Soliko and his friends as a partner. This boost from Luca and the involvement of Slow Food made everything about the much more serious, and thus "Our Wine" was officially born. They choose the name to evoke a larger sense of community and to emphasize that wine should be shared, that it's for friends as well as for everyone."

Friday, April 6, 2018

Official: 3 months data of wine export in 2018

06.04.2018 (Hvino News). According to official data, in January-March 2018, 17,7 million bottles of wine were exported to 43 countries, that is 24% higher compared to the similar data of the last year. In total, USD 40,47 million worth of wine have been exported, 26% higher compared to the previous year.

Export has grown to the following countries: Belarus - 429% (233220), Japan 230% (53160), UK - 98% (37740), France - 71% (24248), Kazakhstan -85% (877494), Czech Republic – 68% (18888), Latvia - 61% (412626), Netherlands - 46% (21993), Germany -38% (136222), Ukraine – 36% (1771928), Poland - 32% (740922), Estonia –28% (120246), Russia -28% (11511830), Israel - 24% (52722), US - 3% (68620). The top five importers are: Russia (11511830), Ukraine (1771928), China (1117138), Kazakhstan (877494) and Poland (740922).

During the mentioned period, 134 companies have exported various amounts of wine. In addition, 3,5 mil bottles (0,5 liters) of brandy and 43,8 thousand bottles of chacha have been exported in January-March. Totally, wine, bandy, chacha, wine material and brandy alcohol income amounted to 64,8 mil. USD – growth in comparison with the similar data of the previous year amounted 10%.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Georgia at Wine & Gourmet Japan 2018

04.04.2018 (Hvino News). Georgian wine seminar "Georgia - Cradle of Wine" will be held in Japan on April 11, 2018, in the framework of Wine & Gourmet Japan 2018 trade show. Event is organized by National Wine Agency of Georgia and Embassy of Georgia to Japan.

16 Georgian wine producers will be represented at Wine & Gourmet Japan 2018: Besini Winery, Château Mukhrani, Chigogidze Wines, Danieli Winery, Dugladze, GWS, Giuaani, KTW, Maranuli, Mildiani, Shilda, Shumi,Tbilvino,Vinagora, Wine Man,Winery Khareba.

The ninth Wine & Gourmet Japan will be held from the 11th to 13th of April 2018 at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center. An exclusive B2B platform will showcase the latest, national and international, wine, beer, spirits and gourmet food trends. More than 77,000 trade visitors are expected to come to the fairground.

Wine & Gourmet Japan is the only integrated trade fair in Japan which focuses on wine, beer, spirits and gourmet food. The event combines the traditional trade fair with a comprehensive event-program, running concurrently with the trade event. The side-events include various seminars, tastings, wine pairings, competitions, panel discussions and many more.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

New wine Mejvriskhevi to be released to the market

03.04.2018. Mejvriskhevi Red is a new wine brand which will be released on the market in spring, in particular at the end of May. Andro Barnov, chairman of Kartli Wine Cellar Association,  said that the new brand differs with its delicious properties and aroma. It is noteworthy that Mejvriskhevi variety of wine has never been sold. The wine is made in Shida Kartli by Khomasuridze families.

“Our Association, which has its own wine cellar Wine Masters, is the first to release the above-mentioned wine to the market. With its serious taste qualities and aroma it is a completely different wine," Barnov explains.

"First of all, branded wine will be sold in our cellar at the end of May and our shop. Limited quantity of the wine will be exported too. At this stage negotiations are underway with Czech Republic, Germany and Denmark. In the first year, we’ll sell our product at a cheap price, and later the price will increase. One bottle of wine will cost an average of GEL 25-30 this year, " Andro Barnov says.

Chairman of the Kartli Wine Cellar Association plans to revive many forgotten wines.

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"Decanter" on Georgian wines: Andrew Jefford's tasting challenge

03.04.2018 (Hvino News). Following up to a recent article posted last week ("It’s been an eventful five years"), leading wine magazine Decanter continues its series of reviews of Georgian wine by award-winning wine writer Andrew Jefford. In his series "Jefford on Monday", the author just published new post "Georgia – the tasting challenge", where he provides a detailed coverage and rating of several Georgian wines.

Andrew Jefford tastes his way through the latest that Georgia has to offer. "The world offers us no other wines like these, and prices remain very competitive for quality and interest of this level. Who would not want to try an example of wine’s sixth genre – the tannic amber ‘white’ based on six months’ skin contact in a buried qvevri?  And who would not want to drink wine from what may well be the Eurasian vine’s birthplace, and from a location with an attested 8,000-year history of wine creation?" - reads the article in Decanter.

The list of rated wines follows below. The full article can be found here.  (Andrew Jefford's articles from 2013 can be found here and here)

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Innovative "milky-white" wine to be launched at Tbilisi Art Fair

01.04.2018 (Hvino News). Authors of new Georgian wine brand "Rdziani Gza" ("milky way" in Georgian) decided to take the notion of white wine to its extreme, creating wine which is literally white in color.  "This innovative wine is a creation of winemakers, designers, and microbiologists, who worked together to produce this product with unusual looks but a very classical and traditional taste", - explained brand manager Maurice Minashvili.

The launch of the unusual wine is planned during the Tbilisi Art Fair on May 17-20 at ExpoGeorgia, where the producers of "Rdziani Gza" are registered as exhibitors.  

"We consider "Rdziani Gza" also as an art object," - explained the company representative. A number of contemporary art shows are already interested in the "milky-white" wine, according to Mr. Minashvili. "We want to make this unique Georgian product fashionable among the international art community and young people all over the world. Later this year we are planning to open our own art gallery "Milk Cube" with wine bar in Tbilisi, where our wine will be exclusively offered, together with other conceptual food products. 

According to company's press release, there are no artificial colorants or other additives, but the unusual colour of the wine is achieved due to harmless bacteria such as bifidobacterium lactis. However, the complete list of ingredients is not disclosed.

"Decanter" on Georgian wines: "It’s been an eventful five years"

30.03.2018 (Hvino News). Leading wine magazine Decanter has just published another article on Georgian wine entitled "Georgia – finding its path", posted by award-winning wine writer Andrew Jefford in his series "Jefford on Monday". The author recently came back from his second trip to Georgia and summarized the difference he experienced since the first visit in 2013 (Andrew Jefford's articles from 2013 can be found here and here)

"Over the last half-decade, it’s been hard to find a wine-lover who didn’t dream of heading to Tbilisi", - Andrew Jefford noted in his introduction. "Wine lovers reaching Georgia discovered a country where the tendrils of the vine weave church, state and national culture together in a tapestry without parallel elsewhere... Metropolitan David of Alaverdi, one of the country’s leading ecclesiastics, told me that, for Georgians, growing vines and making wine “was always a road back to God”, that the birth of wine inside a maternal qvevri was “like a prayer,” and that history had decreed that Georgia “became the Lord’s vineyard”.

The author not just touched upon the history of Georgian wine production and the recent economic developments, but also the growing popularity of qvevri wine method in the world. "The cultural appropriation of qvevri wine styles by advocates of natural wine, moreover, is the source of some frustration among Georgian wine producers, especially given the variable success rate of wines produced in this way by any but the very highest standards".