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Use Hvino Map for Premium Promotion

Adding your object with street address to Hvino Map  is a FREE service. It is also FREE to include telephone number, if the object is in rural area - to make it easier for visitors to find your object. So, all basic information needed by a wine tourist is always FREE.

Businesses may wish to include their company's logo, photographs, website, e-mail, etc. Like in all other mass media, such information is considered as advertising, and can be included on commercial basis. We offer Premium Promotion for companies which want to stand out on the map, and be more visible than others.

Premium Promotion includes logo and additional contact information (logo, website, e-mail, etc.), plus exclusive options, such as Custom Marker with logo, and Custom Color Marker:

1. Large logo and additional contact information + Custom Color Marker:

2. Custom Marker with Company Logo makes your business immediately visible on the map:

3. Custom Colour Marker with Company Logo:

For a price quote, please tell us which Premium Promotion options you want, and for which period of time.

Contact us online for pricing details. 

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