Tuesday, December 5, 2017

U.S. food service experts predict doubling sales of Georgian wines in 2018

05.12.2017 (Hvino News). A major resource for America's food service industry Nation’s Restaurant News included Georgian wine in its list of  "8 food and drink predictions for 2018", published every year by Bret Thorn, NRN senior editor.

In the section on Georgian wine, the NRN's "8 food and drink predictions for 2018" reads:
"Wine drinkers are looking for something new, natural and with a compelling story, and the former Soviet Republic of Georgia delivers all three. With a wine-making tradition going back thousands of years, Georgia is exporting wines that are inexpensive, kind of funky and, in many cases, all-natural. Sommeliers are starting to rave about them, and major cookbooks and wine books about Georgia have been published this year. Possibly thanks to a push from the country’s agriculture ministry, sales of Georgian wines in the U.S. are projected to rise by 50 percent or more this year, according to a publicist for Georgian wine".
Nation’s Restaurant News describes itself as "leading resource for business intelligence in the foodservice industry".

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