Wednesday, November 1, 2017

KTW to open a hotel in Akhasheni

01.11.2017. Bank of Georgia announces financing of the Kakhetian Traditional Winery (KTW) project. According to the bank, the group will build a 41-room hotel in Akhasheni, Kakheti region.

The wine cellar, sampling area, restaurant and swimming pool will be placed at the hotel. The investment portfolio of the project is 2.3 million USD funded by the Bank of Georgia. The funding has been issued within frame of the DCFTA project.

It is noteworthy that cooperation between the KTW Group and the Bank of Georgia has been established since 2014 and as a result of this, wine enterprises were opened in Velistsikhe, Keda and Askana.

Wine and brandy of KTW Group is sold in 17 countries worldwide. However, 70 percent of the product import from KTW Group production accounts for Ukraine.

KTW Group has built and equipped one of the biggest spirits industries at the territory of Velistsikhe wine enterprises financed by Bank of Georgia in the Kakheti region.

Construction of two fruit processing plants in Keda and Chokhatauri is one of the first partnerships between the Bank of Georgia and the KTW Group. The Bank of Georgia financed the project in 2014, which produces high quality, natural jams and compots under the brand “Nena”.

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