Thursday, March 9, 2017

Russian winemaker Abrau-Durso to launch project in Georgia

09.03.2017 (Hvino News). “We are considering a potential project in Georgia. It might be either distribution or acquisition of assets”- said Pavel Titov, head of major Russian sparkling wine producer Abrau-Durso after recent visit to Georgia.

"Majority of Georgian premium segment producers do not have effective distribution, and we can help them," - Mr. Titov stated. He did not mention possible partners, noting that the company will be able to announce more detailed plans within a month's time.

As Titov noted, two-thirds of the Georgian wines delivered to Russia are semisweet. However, Georgia can offer to consumers "a lot of dry wines of very high quality," he added.

Abrau-Durso is Russia’s most famous sparkling wine producer. Abrau-Durso Winery is located between Anapa and Novorossiysk near the Black Sea coast. It was developed in 1870 by decree of Emperor Alexander II.  In recent years, Abrau-Durso was acquired by entrepreneur Boris Titov (father of Pavel Titov).

The winery has few vineyards, but purchases grapes from neighboring vineyards to produce about 2 million bottles per year of classic méthode champenoise wines. An additional 14 million bottles are produced using the reservoir (charmat) method from imported wine material from several countries including South Africa. Shares of Abrau-Durso trade on Moscow’s MICEX stock exchange.

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