Monday, January 16, 2017

95% of Georgian wine companies are involved in export diversification

16.01.2017. "95% of Georgian wine-making companies not only agree on the need to diversify exports, but also are directly involved in the process," - the head of the National Wine Agency Giorgi Samanishvili says.

According to him, marketing activities carried out by the Agency and aimed at popularization of Georgian wine in different countries are agreed with the business community.

"In general, a lot of countries in the world focus on one separate market. But in our situation we deal with economic factors and are actively working on the diversification of markets. Marketing campaign is financed by the state, but the ideas are coming from the private sector. Currently in all international shows our wine is presented under the «Georgian wine» brand that facilitates the popularization of Georgian wine, "- Giorgi Samanishvili notes.

In his words, marketing strategy also focuses on the development of small regional wineries.

"There are cases where small, local, regional companies achieve significant results at major international exhibitions, and this direction should be developed," - the head of the Agency believes.

Samanishvili says that the Georgian wine has considerable export potential in Eastern Europe countries noting if the business is stable, then success is possible everywhere.

"If the business is stable and produces high quality products, the success can be achieved anywhere, even in Australia. Georgian wine is exported to Australia as there is very strong demand for bio-wine there. In this respect, a traditional Georgian winemaking has a good chance for development, "- he points out.


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