Monday, December 19, 2016

Readers win free wine, more valuable prizes to come

19.12.2016 (Hvino News). Hvino's “Win!Wine - magic winter wine lottery”, launched with start of holiday season,  is bringing fruits. The first prize winners have been announced - Gia Gagua (Tbilisi) and Keti Svimonishvili (Telavi). The winners have already received the wines from Jakeli and Milorauli, and are quite happy with the prizes: see the photos.

Six Georgian companies have already contributed their wines to the lottery fund. More winemakers who wish to join Win!Wine project are coming up.

Prize drawings are held on Tuesdays. In addition, according to lottery organizers, some very exclusive and expensive wines (up to 100 US dollars worth) will be offered for win during New Year's night and Christmas night!

Win!Wine was conceived not only to entertain readers of Hvino News, but also to help high-quality smaller wine producers to promote their products cost-efficiently. “Even the smallest winemaker can afford to contribute a bottle of his wine as a prize to the lottery, and we will publish the label and description of his product”, - said Inge Olsson from Hvino News, who is manager of the lottery project.

The rules of the lottery are simple: The photo of prize bottle is posted in facebook page. To enter the lottery, just write a comment to the photo of bottle. After 7 days, the winner is drawn randomly from people who wrote comments. (Attention: Just a “like” is not enough, you must write comment - any text in any language)

Every lottery is open for certain city, for example Tbilisi or Warsaw. So you must be in this city to pick your prize yourself from a shop (it’s because sending wine by mail is restricted). Winner can pick the prize immediately. After the winner gets the prize, he/she is asked to take a “selfie” with the prize bottle, and to post as a final comment.

Currently the Prize#4 - a bottle of white unfiltered organic wine from Jakeli - is available. To participate, write any comment to the photo: prize.hvino.com/4 (attention: Just a “like” is not enough, you must write comment - any text in any language).

All the ongoing lotteries, with calendar, locations and description of prizes are posted on special lottery page.

Happy Holidays and good luck!

 Win FREE bottle of Saperavi in our Win!Wine Lottery: Just write a comment to this photo. Happy holidays! 

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