Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Badagoni wins 7 medals at top Japanese wine contest

20.09.2016. The unique taste of Georgian wine is making an impression in Japan, where last week a local wine producer won seven medals at a prestigious wine competition.

Georgia’s Badagoni wine company was honoured wih gold, silver and bronze medals at the 19th Japan Wine Challenge, an event regarded as one of the most prestigious wine competitions in Asia.

Badagoni’s Kakhuri Tsarchinebuli wine won gold and at the same time, was named the best Georgian wine at the competition.

Other wines by Badagoni, such as Alaverdi Traditions, Tsinandali, Maestro and Badagoni Brut, won silver and bronze medals at the contest, which was held from September 2-4 in Japan’s capital Tokyo.

Just over 1,600 wines were entered and judged in the contest by a panel of leading wine professionals from Japan and across the world.

The wines were made in 30 different countries, with the principle entries coming from Chile, France, Australia, Italy and Japan.

At the end of the contest 11 International Trophy medals were awarded, 29 Regional Trophy medals, five Best Value Trophy medals, 18 Best Value medals, 12 Platinum Gold medals, 113 Gold medals, 420 Silver medals and 690 Bronze medals.

The official awards ceremony will be held on November 14, 2016 in Japan.

To note, Badagoni was awarded at last year’s Japan Wine Challenge, where its Mukuzani wine won a gold medal and was named best Georgian wine.

The aim of the Japan Wine Challenge competition was to raise awareness of a variety of international wines.

Our key focus continues to be the development of consumer-wine lover awareness and understanding of wines, resulting in an ongoing increase in sales of quality wines in this very demanding market,” said organisers on the event’s website.

Organisers noted the wine competition not only supported and encouraged global marketing of wine but it also allowed wine professionals and consumers to learn about and appreciate good wine from different parts of the world.


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