Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Georgian wine culture center" was developed in Xinjiang - China's province with population of 22 million

22.09.2016. (Hvino News). Mutual collaboration memorandum was signed between National Wine Agency of ministry of agriculture of Georgia and "Georgian Wine Culture Center" of Urumqi, Xinjiang province, China.

The memorandum was signed by the head of National Wine Agency, Giorgi Samanishvili and the general manager of Beifang Jianda, Tong Jia.

"Georgian Wine Culture Center" was developed by one of the major Georgian wine importer companies, "Xinjiang Beifang Jianda Trade Co., Ltd".

As the head of national wine agency, Giorgi Samanishvili stated, Xinjiang province is one of the first in China, Georgian wine export began several years ago.

"Xinjiang province is significant on China market, here, Georgian wine and wine culture is better known, than in other provinces. Our partner "Beifang Jianda" has been exported Georgian wine in China for more than 10 years. They have already developed "Georgian Wine Culture Center" in Xinjiang province and today, we have signed memorandum of collaboration with this center and we will do our best to improve Georgian wine and culture publicity in Xinjiang province"- stated Giorgi Samanishvili.

The general manager of "Beifang Jianda", Tong Jia hopes, that "Georgian Wine Culture Center" will provide growth of Georgian wine publicity and export.

"According to the memorandum, relationships move on the new, governmental level. This is very important for China, when the population knows, that mutual relationships are on the governmental level. This way, they recognize Georgian wine culture better and have more desire to learn this culture"- mentioned Tong Jia.

Population of Xinjiang is more than 22 million, the population of the capital, Urumqi is more than 5 million people. The province is bordered by 8 countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, traditionally was one of the major parts of the silk road.

In different provinces of china, several tens of Georgian Wine units are opened for Georgian wine popularization purpose.

According to the data of August 2016, Georgian wine export in China reached 184%, totally, 3 368 361 bottles within the last 8 months.

This is the first time in Georgian Wine export history China replaced on the second place in the five of Georgian wine exporter countries and outpaced such traditional market, as Ukraine.

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