Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What are the plans of the Georgian winemakers for 2016?

06.01.2016. Georgian winemakers say that the year was quite problematic for them. Besides Russian and Ukrainian markets, problems arose in Belarus and Kazakhstan too.

The ongoing political and economic developments in these countries have already made negative effect on exports of Georgian products and revenues of wine companies.

Giorgi Margvelashvili, founder of Tbilvino, says that the year of 2015 was unfavorable for his company in terms of export sales. Namely, the sales dropped about 20%. Major slowdown was recorded in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, as well as in Kazakhstan. The previous year was very good, when our sales in Russia extremely surged. Therefore, we should not refer to those indicators. Our company will intensify efforts in the Baltic countries, Poland and the USA to remunerate losses in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus and Kazakh markets. We have found new partners in Germany and Australia. This year our domestic sales rose by 15%.

“We expect the year of 2016 to bring better results. The wineries cannot fully use the harvest that is reaped in Georgia. In 2016, wineries will still have wine reserves and therefore, the field is expected to face problems again”, Margvelashvili noted.

According to the founder of the Berika company Lasha Revazishvili, 2015 was difficult for the company. "In 2015, unlike 2014, our exports dropped sharply. For example, sales in Kazakhstan decreased by almost 50%. A situation is also difficult in Ukraine and Russia. We are trying to compensate for losses at the expense of exports to China and plan to double sales in this country in 2016, "- says the businessman.

Nutsa Abramishvili, the founder of  Schuchmann Wines, notes that in early 2015 the company chose a strategy to maximize the diversification of export markets- its export has fallen by only 15%, which is a very good indicator.

Due to the diversification, our exports fell by only 15%, while in the industry as a whole, the figure amounts to an average of 50-60%. During the year we have exported 1, 1 million bottles of wine. The Russian market was the most problematic.

In 2016 we plan to go beyond the actual winemaking. We intend to start production of grape seed oil, which has a medical use. In addition, we also want to build a spa resort on the territory of our company, "- she explains.

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