Saturday, January 9, 2016

Best Georgian wines/chachas of 2015, winners revealed

09.01.2016. The Award Ceremony of the Georgian Wine Second National Competition 2015 reveals the prize-winning wines/chachas and companies in Georgia. The ceremony was organised by Georgian Sommelier Association with the support of the National Wine Agency, Tbilisi City Hall, and Tbilisi City Assembly. It was held on December 23, 2015.

The professional jury revealed the best wines in different categories. Here is the list of winning wines and companies by Georgian Sommelier Association (professional jury).

The best sparkling wine of the year: 
- Brut 2014. Company Badagoni

The best Tsinandali of the year:
Tsinandali 2013. Company Teliani Valley
Tsinandali 2014. Company Tbilvino

The best dry white wine of the year:
Kondoli Mtsvane-Kisi 2014. Company Telavi Wine Cellar

The best qvevri white wine of the year:
- Qvevri Traditional Kakhuri 2014. Company Petriaant Marani
Rkatsiteli Mamapapuri 2014. Company Satsnakheli

The best pink wine of the year:
Saperavi Rose 2014. Company Telavi Wine Cellar

The best dry red wine of the year:
Tsinandali Cabernet 2014. Company Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking (KTW)
Shavkapito 2013. Company Chateau Mukhrani

The best white semi-sweet wine of the year:
Kisi 2013. Company Koncho and Company

The best Mukuzani of the year:
Mukuzani2013. Company Basini
Mukuzani 2014. Company Kakhetian Wine Cellar

The best Saperavi of the year:
Saperavi 2014. Company Tbilvino
Saperavi 2014. Company Shumi

The best Premium Saperavi of the year:
Alaverdi 2014. Company Badagoni
Saperavi Premium 2013. Company Askaneli Brothers

The best Khvanchkara of the year:
Khvanchkara 2013. Company Wine Мan

The best Kindzmarauli of the year:
Kindzmarauli 2014. Company Shaloshvili Marani

The best chacha of the year:
Zearis Chacha 2014. Company Zearis
Chacha 2014. Telavi Wine Cellar

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