Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hvino starts Christmas Sale - best shopping season for companies interested in international promotion

06.12.2015. As holiday season is coming, we at Hvino.com have prepared a big load of presents to our clients and friends - wine producers and other companies who want to raise their brand visibility among international readership.

Since our launch in 2012, Hvino has grown into a multi-function portal consisting of 6 independent web resources. It includes new unique services such as first Georgian Wine Catalogue, and first interactive Wine Map. Our core daily English news service Hvino News with ever-growing traffic reaches every country of the world (to be exact, 169 countries!).

With 6 independent web platforms, we now have all kinds of various advertising options - for any purpose and any budget. And even more discounts and special offers! In addition to simple banners, clients may advertise on Hvino Map (Premium map markers can make your winery or shop immediately visible on the map); add new wines labels to Catalogue; or even buy the whole background space on some sites! We have got so many options that the list would be too long. So we decided to save time of our clients and friends:

Instead of a long list of all our marketing and advertising possibilities, discounts, and bonuses on all 6 sites, we are making one simple Holiday Season Offer. We give 1-3 months of FREE BONUS SERVICE and/or 25%, 35% and 50% DISCOUNTS from usual price, and we advise which our services are most cost-efficient for your goals!

If you are a company interested in promotion with us, simply tell us  which target group you want to reach with your message, and what's your budget limit. That's all.

Our marketing professionals will quickly (in 24 hours) present SEVERAL alternative packages for your choice. Our proposals will be made individually, to meet your specific needs, based on optimal use of ALL our tools. 

We hope this approach will help you save time (and money). Take advantage of Hvino's Holiday Season Offer. It's the best time to plan your 2016 Hvino marketing campaigns with huge savings.

Happy holidays!

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