Monday, August 3, 2015

National Wine Agency found alternative markets for Georgian wine

03.08.2015. The National Wine Agency  of Georgia has found alternative markets for Georgian wine. Agency’s chairman George Samanishvili explained to Georgian radio Commersanti that the major markets of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus are good but unpredictable, as it is difficult to predict how things will develop in political and economic direction.

Mr. Samanishvili says that they focused on  diversifying the list of countries, to be less dependent on one region. In his words, currently following regions have been chosen: China, USA, UK, Japan, as well as Poland and the Baltic countries, where Georgian wine has great perspectives.

Samanishvili explained that  in  6 months export decreased  by 49% compared to last year and the trend is  likely to continue until the end of year.

Samanishvili noted that this year's export rate exceeds the  volumes for  2012 and 2013.

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