Monday, March 23, 2015

Georgian wine exports to Russia still stalled

23.03.2015. Georgian wine exports to Russia are still pending. In 2015 Tbilvino has not exported a single bottle of wine  to Russia, according George Margvelashvili,  company's director, who commented for Georgian radio Kommersanti. Mr. Margvelashvili expected the situation would change in March  and still hopes that supplies would be restored in April. However, he adds that Russia’s share in  total exports would be much less. So far, Russia’s share in the company’s exports  is about 25% of the total exports. In his words,  because of the delay, the company is not suffering  losses, but due to the lost income and opportunities, the company’s profit figures at the end of the year  may be smaller than last year.

In this regard, Schuchmann Wines chooses a more flexible policy.  According to the company’s CEO Nutsa  Abramishvili,  the company is going to make some concessions, decreases prices and reduces the profit margin. In her words, due to the ruble devaluation, there are still delays, however, the stopped cargo vehicles are  gradually entering the Russian market, and the situation is more or less stabilizing. At this point, Russia’s share accounts  30% of Schuchmann Wines export though the company is working to reduce this  shares to at least 15%. She says  all wine producers must carry out  diversification  and balance the risks, enter  stable markets that  is not so simple in the short term, but this can be achieved with the state support.

Tbilvino's  George Margvelashvili doesn’t see an alternative to the Russian market within the next 5 years. However, the companies agree on the need of  diversification in order  the Georgian wine to find its niche in Europe and Asia. He believes  the Georgian wine needs a higher level of marketing campaigns to make product more competitive.

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