Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Hvino": new look, new possibilities

30.11.2014 (Hvino News). Our regular readers have noted the recent change in the reader interface of Hvino News and its Russian version Hvino-Novosti: both wine news websites have now got background images. This is new way of advertising, available to companies which became Hvino's "Gold Partners". Hvino is pleased that the leading wine producers of Georgia are now using Hvino's background for their brands promotion.

Telavi Wine Cellar (Marani), one of Georgia's largest wine producers, became the first company to launch long-term cooperation with Hvino. Starting from September 2014, Marani has become "Gold Partner" of Hvino NewsIn November, yet another leader of Georgia's wine sector - Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking (KTW) - entered into "Gold Partnership" with Hvino-NovostiAs Hvino specializes in covering wine business news of Georgia since 2012, it is an honour for us to partner with this industry's leaders.

For Hvino, 2014 has been very productive. Earlier this year we launched the first online Georgian Wine Catalogue with an independent rating of wines. Currently the Catalogue lists all Georgian wines, which either have won gold medals at the world’s largest international contests, or have been rated by leading international wine rating institutions.

As a fast-growing company, now Hvino comes up with a new project, again. This time we are expanding beyond the limits of online mass medias, offering our first printed publication on Georgian wine. This is full-color 32-page leaflet entitled Selecting Georgian Wine, which will be distributed free of charge! Here you my watch a video pre-view of the leaflet.

This new publication is bi-lingual - in English and Russian - and targeted at all the Western tourists as well as visitors from former Soviet republics. Our leaflet is for typical foreigners, who need help with Georgian wine types. For example, our guide has a simple Wine Pairing Table to assist in choosing wine at a restaurant or shop.  Another table helps to select which wine to buy as a gift.

This guide is for distribution at hotels, restaurants, shops, duty-free, tourist information centers, etc. We are now completing the online Map of Distribution Network, so everyone interested in Hvino's guide would be able to find a convenient location to pick his/her copy. The current version of the Map is here

All Georgian companies and organisations, which want to receive the copies of our guide, are welcome to contact Hvino and request as many copies as they need (free of charge).

Hvino's team hopes that Selecting Georgian Wine not only becomes essential for all the guests of Georgia, but will also serve as an effective marketing platform for Georgian businesses. Several pages are reserved for advertisements of relevant products or services. Wine shops, hoteliers, restaurants, wine tourism operators and other companies of tourism sector may place their ads, and use the guide for effective targeted promotion. Our new leaflet is ready, so all business partners can preview it online.

The first issue of this guide will be released in 2015. Later, the guide will become a quarterly publication, keeping up with all important updates such as new destinations, products, special offers.

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