Monday, October 20, 2014

Due to high price, wine companies refuse from producing Khvanchkara

20.10.2014 (Hvino News). Next year, wine companies will not probably purchase grapes grown in Racha which are used for making Khvanchkara wine, according to George Markozashvili, director of Kakhuri Ltd.

Mr. Markozashvili said his company bought 45 tons of grapes, however, if the price remains high next year, they are not going to pay GEL 8 per kg.

George Markozashvili explains the critically high price by the fact that Khvanchkara is popular only on the Russian market. In his view, otherwise, the price of Khvanchkara should not be higher than the Saperavi price.

Badagoni purchased 50 tons of Mujuretuli and Aleksandrouli grape varieties during  vintage in Racha. Badagoni's director Gia Shengelia explains a small amount of grapes by quite large quantities of Khvanchkara wine made last year.

Badagoni exports Khvanchkara wine only to Russia and the Russian market didn’t live up to expectations last year. For other countries, this type of wine is not interesting because of the high price.

Tsinandali Old Cellar purchased 70 tons of grapes in Racha. The company representative Shalva Akhobadze believes that Khvanchkara is almost unknown in the European countries and needs to be advertised. However, large sums of money should be invested to promote this wine in Europe; for this reason the company does not want to start working on this issue.

In Racha, 14 wine companies purchased Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli during a vintage. In total 600 tons of grapes were picked.

Khvanchkara is one of best-known Georgian red semi-sweet wines, made of indigenous Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli varieties.

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