Friday, August 8, 2014

"Pay by Wine": Hvino's unique promotion offer for Georgian winemakers

08.08.2014 (Hvino News). Is it possible to use wine instead of money in a business-to-business transaction?

Hvino.com - Georgia's primary international wine business portal - says "Yes!"

With its PAY BY WINE Special Offer the Georgian winemakers can actually pay by their products for Hvino's promotion services, such as banner advertising.

This unique and innovative offer was conceived by Hvino's marketing team especially for the smaller companies and individual winemakers, to make it easier and more affordable for them to promote their products internationally. The offer is, however, open to wine producers or wine traders of any size. For the first time in world history, web promotion is offered for wine!

Inge Olsson, manager at from Hvino.com, explained: "It's that simple: you choose the type of banner you want (banners are here); we make a usual invoice, but you do not pay. Instead, you deliver your wine! Price of your wine is based on average shop's retail price, and the sum is equal to invoice".

Winemakers make big savings, because their winemaker's wholesale price is lower than retail price.The offer is very profitable for winemakers, as they actually receive up to 60% discount from Hvino's standard advertising rates.

In addition, winemakers receive extra promotion as their wine will be reviewed and covered by Hvino's news sites and featured in Georgian Wine Catalogue for free.

"This is indeed a unique and limited-time offer, it is open till end of August", - said Inge. "And of course, we have some limitations. "Pay by wine" is possible for contracts not exceeding 600 Georgian lari (350 US$). And the winemaker should agree with us regarding the type of wine provided. If the winemaker delivers expensive wine, he saves more money, and the wine needs less space to store. And it's a good chance for winemaker to show his best wine".

We could not help asking Inge: What shall you do with all that wine you plan to receive from winemakers? 

He explains: "It's not for our own consumption, unfortunately... Neither we can sell it. Our company decided to use the wine for our events such as presentations. So, this wine will be used for promotion once again - quite an efficient use, as we believe".

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