Saturday, January 11, 2014

Georgian and Armenian winemakers discuss the idea of “Caucasian Wine Brand"

11.01.2014 (Hvino News). A heated discussion is going on between Georgian and Armenian winemakers over various issues.

President of the Association of Georgian Sommeliers Shalva Khetsuriani calls nonviable the  initiative by president of the Winemakers Union of Armenia Avag Harutyunyan to create a unified "Caucasian wine" brand. Mr. Harutyunyan recently came up with this initiative of "Caucasian wine" brand, under which Armenian, Georgian and Azerbaijani wines will be marketed.

President of the Winemakers Union of Armenia adds  that when the wine industry is developing rapidly in the world, the Georgian winemakers should think not about Georgia’s  status as the cradle of wine but about regional integration.

President of  the Association of Georgian Sommeliers  Shalva Khetsuriani claims the Georgian wine tastes very different from other wines, so it makes no sense to create a unified brand. He says that in such cases the user will simply get confused and will not understand what he drinks. Khetsuriani notes that over the centuries Georgian wine has successfully established itself on the market without creating a unified brand.

Chairman of Armenian  Winemakers  Union  is confident that Georgia can get the status of "cradle of wine" by falsifying scientific facts. Avag Harutyunyan recognizes that he meets this initiative "painfully". In his words, it has long been scientifically proven that Georgia is not a motherland  of wine and Georgia has same eligibility of this title  as  other countries of the region, primarily Armenia. Harutyunyan says that archaeological findings discovered in the territory of Armenia put an end to the scientific discussion about existence of a wine. 

At the same time, President of the Winemakers Union of Armenia  recognizes that if Georgia will be granted a status of "the motherland of wine", the competitiveness of Georgian wine will sharply increase.

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