Saturday, January 18, 2014

Georgia has not used its quota for wine export in Turkey

18.01.2014. While achieving a major breakthrough by returning Georgian wine to the Russian market, Georgia did not use its quota for selling wine in Turkey. The quota was 1 million liters of wine. The wine experts think that the main reason for this is that there is not much demand for wine in Turkey and that Georgian wine is quite a new product in Turkey and it needs a solid promotional campaign.

Generally speaking, the Turkish market is quite complicated to enter. There are problems from the bureaucratic, as well as marketing point of view. Georgian entrepreneurs always face problems there.

It was also mentioned that some years ago the Turkish side provided a large quota for wine to Georgia and received favorable conditions for its products to be introduced and sold in Georgia. Georgia enthusiastically agreed to receive high quotas for wine, but it could not sell the product within the required amount.


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