Saturday, September 21, 2013

Valeri Katukov: In Moscow Georgian wine is third most demanded after Italian and French

21.09.2013 (Hvino News). Georgian wine in Moscow is number three in the list of most demanded wines after Italian and French, according to Valeri Katukov, deputy chairperson of the alcoholic product quality and security control commission of Rospotrebnadzor (Russia's Federal Service for Control in the Sphere of Protection Consumers’ Rights and Well-Being of Humans), who headed the Russian delegation of experts visiting Georgia last week. "I can't say about the whole Russia, as Georgian beverages are not everywhere, but there is demand for Georgian wine in Moscow and its surroundings," Katukov stressed.

According to him, both Rospotrebnadzor and Russian government pay a great attention to the return of Georgian alcoholic beverages to Russian markets. This is evident by the fact that the highest-level experts were sent to monitor Georgia's local enterprises. Katukov says that the Russian specialists were surprised with the high quality of Georgian wine. “We are pleasantly surprised with how much has been done by the Georgian producers during a short time span”, Katukov said.

He said that the most important thing now is to sustain the quality. “I don’t want to name the companies and I don’t want to upset the colleagues, but the Rospotrebnadzor's demands to ensure high quality concerns all the winemakers equally. I don’t want what happened to the Moldovan wine to repeat, when after many warnings Rospotrebnadzor was forced to stop Moldavian wine import. I don’t want the same to happen regarding Georgia, though I think it will not happen, as after meetings in Georgia, I’m convinced that Georgian entrepreneurs take the quality seriously”, Katukov said.

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