Monday, March 25, 2013

Wine trade between Poland and Georgia is improving

25.03.2012 (Hvino News) Representatives from the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, the Embassy of Poland in Georgia and Polish businessmen say that the economic relationship between Poland and Georgia in the wine sector is improving.

“Poland is the leading importer country of Georgian wine. Its export to Poland is increasing year on year and reached a total value of USD 2.7 million in 2012, which is 21 percent higher than the data of 2011. Trade relations between the two countries are developing and improving,” said Genadi Arveladze, Head of the Foreign Trade and International Economic Relations Department at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, as quoted by The Financial.

“It is also notable that regional cooperation between Poland and Georgia is very active nowadays. This is proven by the fact that there are seven twinned cities between the two countries. We will be seeing improvements in bilateral cooperation in the fields of agriculture, energy, the environment, tourism, attracting investments, culture and healthcare. The joint Georgian-Poland intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation affairs has been working on these issues since 2010,” Arveladze said.

Teliani Valley Polska is a partner company of Georgia's Teliani Valley,  providing distribution of Georgian wine on the Polish market. Tea Kikvadze, Head of the Marketing Division of Teliani Valley, said that the Georgian company plans to become listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange soon.

The total value of Polish export to Georgia amounted to a sum of USD 86.8 million in 2012, while its export globally reached USD 182,718 million, according to the Central Statistical Office of the Republic of Poland.

Georgia’s export to Poland reached USD 5,310,100 in 2012 and USD 452,600 in the first month of 2013, according to the National Statistics Office of Georgia. Last year the top products exported to Poland were: 859,960 litres of wine, 304,000 tonnes of nuts and 5 automobiles. As for this year’s top exported products, they are as follows: 14,100 tonnes of vegetables, 22,000 tonnes of nuts and 70,529 litres of wine.

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