Thursday, March 14, 2013

Georgian wine expected at Russian market at the end of April

14.03.2013. According to the forecast of the companies interviewed by Georgian radio, Georgian wine sales will begin in the Russian market in a few months.

Kindzmarauli Marani's director says that the next step after inspection is products registration on the Russian market, but this process could last until April. It  is  expected Georgian wine to appear on Russian store shelves by the end of next month. Dimitri Lebanidze notes that this year the company plans to export about 300 thousand bottles and negotiations with two distribution companies entered the final stage. Lebanidze still considers Georgian wine as a rival in Russian market and says that his company intends to exploit all the big cities of Russia. As for prices, the average sale price will start from 3 USD and on the store shelves wine price will reach 10 USD.

Askaneli Brothers is also going to start sales on the Russian market in the near future. As the company's founder said, the next stage after inspection is products registration. According to Jimmy Chkhaidze, the company is in talks with its partner distribution company, but the amount of wine that is expected to be exported to the Russian market, is not known at this stage. The company plans to sell products in every major city. Askaneli Brothers products will be meant for average income segment, but its cost on the Russian store shelves is unknown.


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