Monday, March 4, 2013

Georgian minister is confident about quality of wine but concerned about counterfeits abroad

04.03.2013 (Hvino News) Georgia's Agriculture Minister Davit Kirvalidze said on Saturday he is confident that Georgian wine which is expected to return to the Russian market this spring will be of best quality.

“I can see no danger in this. Georgian wine exports will have the same certificates as they do have today for 40 world markets. I see another danger: unfortunately, the wines may be falsified outside Georgia’s borders. That’s why we are working on this issue,” Kirvalidze told Rustavi 2 TV. He said Georgia’s agriculture ministry has its own proposals on the measures against falsified Georgian products.

The second round of talks on the issue will take place on March 18, according to Mr. Kirvalidze. It is expected that the export of Georgian beverages to Russia will resume in May.

According to him, during the first phase of dialogue, the main focus was on the return of wine and mineral water, now talks will continue on the return of Georgian vegetables and fruits to Russia.

Russian chief consumers’ rights official Gennady Onishchenko said on Saturday Rospotrebnadzor will decide this week which Georgian enterprises producing wine and mineral water will be visited by Russian specialists during the second round of inspection.

The first round of inspection was held between February 25 and March 1. Three groups of expects from Rospotrebnadzor conducted checks at more than 40 Georgian enterprises seeking return on the Russian market. Mr. Onishchenko said some 90 Georgian enterprises have announced plans to export their products to Russia.

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